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Yahoo Groups Shutdown has Ham Radio Interest Groups Seeking to Save Content


Yahoo Groups, which has hosted a considerable number of ham radio interest groups over the years, is shutting down. All previously posted content on the site became unavailable in mid-December, but Yahoo is processing requests to download content until January 31, 2020. Yahoo also has provided group administrators (“admins”) a way to export data ahead of that deadline. Groups will continue to l...

New 70-Centimeter Tropo Contact Record Claimed


Tropospheric propagation is being credited with enabling a 70-centimeter contact between the Cape Verde islands and Scotland that may be a new world record. Exceptional tropo conditions over the eastern part of the North Atlantic this past weekend allowed many stations in the UK and Ireland to make contacts with the Monteverde Contest Team Club, D41CV, on the Cape Verde islands on 2 meters, but...

New England Radio Amateur Hosts Video on Tower Safety


Jim Idelson, K1IR, of Sudbury, Massachusetts, recently provided a club meeting program on ham radio tower safety for the Billerica Amateur Radio Society (BARS). Kayla Creamer, W2IRY, recorded and edited the presentation and made it available online. It runs approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

In his presentation, Idelson said an estimated 38,000 amateur radio towers are standing in the US, wit...

Computer Bulletin Board System Co-Inventor Randy Suess, ex-WB9GPM, SK


The co-inventor of the Computer Bulletin Board System, Randy Suess, ex-WB9GPM, died on December 10. He was 74. According to his obituary in The New York Times, Suess and IBM engineer Ward Christensen collaborated on the system in 1978, during the dial-up era, a year before Compuserve began offering online consumer service. The computer bulletin board was a forerunner of today’s proliferation of...

CWops to Celebrate 10th Anniversary with January QSO Party


In January, CWops will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a month-long QSO party that will include CW activity on HF contest bands. The event is open to all radio amateurs, and certificates and awards will be available based on contact totals. CWops non-members may only contact CWops members, while members may work any station. According to the announcement, many special club and one-off celeb...

New Section Manager Will Take Over in North Carolina on April 1


Marvin Hoffman, WA4NC, of Boone, North Carolina, will take the reins as of the North Carolina ARRL Field Organization this spring. Hoffman was the sole nominee to succeed incumbent Section Manager Karl Bowman, W4CHX, of Raleigh, who decided not to run for a new term after serving since 2014. Because no challengers came forward by the nomination deadline, no contested SM elections will take plac...

Commemorative ARISS Slow-Scan TV Transmissions Set


Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) will support slow-scan television (SSTV) transmissions worldwide in memory of cosmonauts Alexei Leonov, Valery Bykovsky, and Sigmund Jaehn. Transmissions are scheduled to start at 1100 UTC on December 28 and continuing until 1820 on January 1. Transmissions will take place on 145.800 MHz and in the PD 120 format, using the call sign RS0IS...

OPS-SAT — First-of-its-Kind Space Laboratory — Launched on December 18


The European Space Agency (ESA) reports that the OPS-SAT “flying laboratory” satellite lifted off from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, aboard a Soyuz-Fregat rocket on December 18. According to ESA, the small, low-cost, test satellite was specifically designed for operational experimentation in space and includes the most powerful flight computer on board any current ESA spacecraft....

CAMSAT CAS-6 Amateur Radio Satellite Launched Successfully


CAMSAT has announced that the CAMSAT CAS-6 amateur radio payload launched successfully on December 20, piggybacked on a TIANQIN-1 technology test satellite.

“The satellite is currently in orbital testing,” CAMSAT’s Alan Kung, BA1DU, told ARRL on December 20. “The amateur radio payload is expected to be operational in about 3 days.”

The microsatellite will be known as CAS-6/TIANQIN-1, and the call...

Gli auguri del Presidente

ARI Nazionale -

Voglio esprimere, in occasione delle prossime festività, la mia gratitudine per il rispetto ed il dialogo che, contrariamente al passato, hanno fortemente caratterizzato l’attività associativa in quest’ultimo periodo.
Tutte le componenti del nostro Sodalizio hanno operato con diligenza per evitare ogni possibile lacerazione dei rapporti interpersonali; i dipendenti hanno, con professionalità, svolto il loro compito al massimo delle loro possibilità.
Sarà opportuno, per il prossimo futuro, continuare a confrontarsi con lungimiranza sulle prospettive da valutare e sulle necessarie responsabilità da assumere.
Il tutto per garantire, nel campo d’interesse, il mantenimento del ruolo primario dell’ARI.
A tutti indistintamente porgo il mio augurio e quello del Consiglio Direttivo Nazionale di un sereno Natale e buon 2020.

Vincenzo Favata, IT9IZY
Presidente ARI

The K7RA Solar Update


Still no sunspots, and it’s been the same for 37 consecutive days.

Geomagnetic conditions remained quiet, until “a minor stream of solar wind” (according to hit us on December 18. This drove the planetary A index to 13 from the low single digit values earlier in the week.

Average planetary A index for December 12-18 rose to 4.6, from 3.7 over the previous 7 days, while mid-latit...

China to Launch CAMSAT CAS-6 Satellite on December 20


The CAMSAT CAS-6 amateur radio payload is set for launch on Friday, December 20, at 0321 UTC from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, piggybacked on a TIANQIN-1 technology test satellite, using a CZ-4B launch vehicle. The primary launch payload is the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite CBERS-4A.

The microsatellite, to be known as CAS-6/TIANQIN-1, will be placed into a sun-synchronous orbit ...


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