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Event Stations for Tokyo 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games

ARI Nazionale -

JARL is now operating the Special Event Stations for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games until 5th September 2021.
8JxOLYMPIC stations (x is a district number 0-9) are operating from various locations on weekly rotation basis.
8NxOLP stations (x is a district number 0-9) are operating from the fixed location with a high-power transmitter for having more QSOs with overseas.

Tokyo 2020 JARL Commemorative QSO Party is also running until 5th September 2021.
There are 3 categories for DX stations outside Japan ranging from 20 to 2020 QSOs with JA stations.
More details are available here

Tokyo 2020 JARL Commemorative Award has 6 different categories requiring QSO with at least one JARL Special Event Stations.
More details are available here

Source: JARL

QSL Speciale II8BEN

ARI Nazionale -

24-25 Luglio 2021

Anche a Benevento c’è stato il passaggio degli Antichi Egizi; ciò è dimostrato dai diversi monumenti eretti anticamente da questo popolo in venerazione alle loro divinità.
Il più importante culto è stato alla Dea Iside, detto, appunto, Culto di Iside.
Con grande orgoglio a San Marco Ai Monti (BN) in zona – Belvedere del Sannio – la Sezione è presente per un’attivazione detta:  “Culto di Iside nella Città di Benevento”

Special Call:  II8BEN

Fonte: ARI Benevento

AO-109 (RadFxSat-2/AMSAT Fox-1E) Open for Amateur Use


AMSAT’s Engineering and Operations Teams have announced that AO-109 (RadFxSat-2/AMSAT Fox-1E) is now open for amateur use. AMSAT advises operators to use efficient modes for making contacts, such as CW or FT4, because issues with the satellite make SSB voice contacts “challenging at best.” An article in the May/June 2021 issue (Vol. 44, No. 3) of The AMSAT Journal details the various attempts t...

L’antenna Elettra si mette in mostra nel salotto di Verona: 27 luglio, piazza dei Signori

ARI Nazionale -

In occasione dell’anniversario del primo segnale radio wireless irradiato da Guglielmo Marconi, l’antenna Elettra – di proprietà del Museo della Radio di Verona – sarà in esposizione alla Loggia Vecchia di piazza dei Signori il prossimo 27 luglio. A cornice del cimelio, ospiti ed intrattenimento per sottolineare aspetti storici e legami con l’attualità.

Accadde oggi

ARI Nazionale -

Nel 1930 nasce Elettra Marconi

Nel 1937 muore a Roma lo scienziato Guglielmo Marconi (era nato a Bologna nel 1874). Marconi il giorno prima, dopo aver accompagnato alla stazione Termini la moglie (che si recava a Viareggio per festeggiare il settimo compleanno della figlia Elettra), era stato colpito da una crisi cardiaca durante il tragitto per tornare nella casa del suocero, in via Condotti. Qui si spegne alle 3:45 del mattino del 20 luglio. Nello stesso giorno le stazioni radio di tutto il mondo, in segno di lutto, interrompono le trasmissioni per due minuti, contemporaneamente. Il giorno dopo oltre 500.000 persone partecipano ai funerali di Stato.

ARRL 2020 Annual Report Now Available to Download


The ARRL 2020 Annual Report has been posted and is available to download. The report summarizes ARRL program and fiscal activity for the year.

In his introductory remarks, ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, said that 2020 was a difficult and challenging year for ARRL. “The coronavirus pandemic changed everything, from the way we socialized, to the way we worked, to the way students learned,” Ro...

Amateur Radio Responds to Flooding in Western Europe


International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 1 Emergency Communications Coordinator Greg Mossop, G0DUB, reported over the weekend that amateur radio volunteers have responded in the wake of widespread and catastrophic flooding in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The flooding, resulting from unprecedented heavy rainfall, has claimed more than 120 lives. Hundreds more remain unaccounted ...

Youth on the Air Campers Enjoy Successful ISS Contact, Busy with Other Activities


The first Youth on the Air (YOTA) camp for young radio amateurs in the Americas wraps up on Friday in West Chester, Ohio. Among other activities, the campers have been operating special event station W8Y from both the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting and from the camp hotel.

“Things are going really well,” Camp Director Neil Rapp, WB9VPG, said on Wednesday evening. The earlier l...

ARRL Headquarters Holds Rededication Ceremony


On Thursday, July 15, at 10 AM EDT, ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, hosted a rededication ceremony, recognizing ARRL’s commitment to all radio amateurs who enhance the communications capability and security of the nation. The event coincided with the attendance of ARRL’s all-volunteer Board of Directors, who had traveled in from across the country for in-person committee and Board ...

Youth on the Air Campers Activating W8Y, ARISS Contact Set for July 14


The first Youth on the Air (YOTA) camp for young radio amateurs in North, Central, and South America is now under way in West Chester, Ohio. Among other activities, campers are operating special event station W8Y from both the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting in West Chester Township and from the camp hotel. The camp will run until Friday, July 16.

The approximately two dozen ca...

Young Caribbean Nation Formalizing Amateur Radio Guidelines and Standards


With a population just north of 71,000, the Caribbean island country of Dominica (J7) boasts a modest but active ham radio population. Given Dominica’s vulnerability to hurricanes, the ham radio emphasis often focuses on emergency communication support. In 2017, after Hurricane Maria hit the tiny island, ham radio filled a huge telecommunications gap. Now the country’s telecommunications regula...

June 2021 Volunteer Monitor Program Activity Report Released


The June 2021 activity report of the Volunteer Monitor (VM) Program has been released. The VM Program is a joint initiative between the ARRL and FCC to enhance compliance in the Amateur Radio Service.

  • The FCC was requested to review a vanity call sign application filed by a Georgia licensee because of an apparently false answer to the question regarding a felony conviction.

  • A licensee in Massach...

The K7RA Solar Update


Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Solar activity continues to increase. In last week’s bulletin ARLP027 average daily sunspot number was 34.7. This week it jumped to 55.6. Average daily solar flux increased from 86.9 to 88.9.

Despite solar flare activity pushing a sudden ionospheric disturbance and a dramatic HF radio blackout (on July 3), the average daily planetary A index for the week was onl...

Email to ARRL Life Members


To keep member records up to date, ARRL emailed Life Members on June 16 and will be sending a follow-up email in the next few days, asking them to verify their mailing address. Be assured that it is a legitimate request sent from ARRL. Thank you to all those who responded.

If you need to update your address information, call (860) 594-0200, email, or respond to the email you ...

First X-Class Major Solar Flare of Solar Cycle 25 Blacks Out HF on July 3


A lot of radio amateurs may have been wondering, “Where did the bands go?” as the first X-class solar flare in 4 years blacked out HF propagation for a time on July 3.

“Many American radio amateurs reported sudden HF propagation blackouts on Saturday morning, July 3, when solar active region 12838 produced an X1.5 major solar flare that reached maximum intensity at 1429 UTC, the first X-class s...


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