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Radio Frequency Interference Seminar Set for May 19 via Zoom


ARRL Laboratory Manager Ed Hare, W1RFI, hold a Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) seminar via Zoom on Wednesday, May 19, at 2000 UTC. His 30-minute slide presentation offers an overview of politics, personalities, and technical issues involved in electromagnetic interference (EMI) control as well as causes and cures. A question-and-answer session will follow the slide presentation. The IEEE EMC...

Wooden Satellite to Launch by Year’s End


The WISA Woodsat project, being sponsored by plywood supplier WISA in an unconventional PR initiative, is poised to place a wooden satellite into orbit by the end of the year. The idea is to test the suitability of treated wood as a low-cost and widely available material for space applications. The IARU posting for Woodsat indicates that several amateur radio experiments will be on board as wel...

The K7RA Solar Update


Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Sunspot activity returned last Friday, May 7, and has held steady since. Average daily sunspot numbers rose from 11.9 to 21.1, and average daily solar flux was up 2.1 points to 74.3 for the reporting week ending May 12.

Geomagnetic activity was quiet until Wednesday, May 12, when the planetary A index went to 41 as the result of a coronal mass ejection (CME) tha...

April 2021 Volunteer Monitor Program Report Released


The Volunteer Monitor (VM) Program is a joint initiative between ARRL and FCC to enhance compliance in the Amateur Radio Service.

A General class renewal applicant withdrew his application after FCC notice that the renewal application would be held up pending review of Volunteer Monitor complaints. As a consequence, the Quakertown, Pennsylvania, applicant has no operating privileges.

Twenty-one ...

IARU: è importante l'opinione di tutti

ARI Nazionale -

IARU R-1 sta preparando un Workshop che riguarda lo status della radio nell’ottica di costruire il suo futuro in un mondo che cambia.

Di seguito il sondaggio che vi invitiamo a compilare e a condividere tra i vostri amici radioamatori, soci e non, per darci una mano nella nostra raccolta dati. Le informazioni verranno poi utilizzate durante il Workshop della IARU per indagare su quello che sarà il futuro della radio in questo mondo che cambia. Il sondaggio è anonimo e veloce, bastano pochi minuti.
Inutile sottolineare l’importanza.

Per compilare il sondaggio cliccare QUI

“Geomagnetic Storm Season” is Over


June and July bring frequent 6-meter DX openings via long-distance sporadic-E propagation and persistent quiet geomagnetic conditions. These 2 months are well known to North American 6-meter DXers as the most productive time of year for DX up to 8,700 miles.

“The quiet geomagnetic season during June and July typically has only about half as many geomagnetic storms compared to March and April,” s...

The VP2VB Danny Weil Memorial DXpedition is JIDXM 2020 DXpedition of the Year


The Japan International DX Meeting (JIDXM) has designated the 2020 VP2VB Danny Weil Memorial DXpedition as the recipient of the 2020 DXpedition of the Year Award. The DXpedition was organized to bring story of amateur radio DXpedition pioneer Danny Weil, VP2VB, to today’s amateur radio community.

The VP2VB Yasme Memorial Expedition Team consisted of Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA; Martti Laine, OH2BH; ...

SEDCO W4DXCC Co-Founder, Noted DXer Lynn Lamb, W4NL, SK


ARRL Life Member Lynn Lamb, W4NL, of Maryville, Tennessee, died on May 10 following a lengthy illness. He was 83. Lamb co-founded SEDCO W4DXCC DX and Contest Convention in 2005.

Licensed in 1954, Lamb retired from a career with the US Department of Defense (US Navy and Air Force). He was a founding member of the National Capitol DX Association (NCDXA) and belonged to Potomac Valley Radio Club, t...

Tuesday, May 11, is Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Operator Day


Tuesday, May 11, is Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Operator Day, which falls within National Radio Month on the island. The operator of Puerto Rico’s first radio broadcasting station in 1922, WKAQ, was Joaquín Agusty, who held the ham radio call sign 4JE. A proclamation signed by Governor Pedro Pierluisi highlights the value of amateur radio in times of emergency and gives special mention to ARRL. T...

Workshop for Attorneys Under Consideration for 2022 ARRL National Convention in Orlando


The Amateur Radio Legal Defense and Assistance Committee (ARLDAC) is considering hosting a half-day workshop for attorneys at the ARRL 2022 National Convention in Orlando. This would be for attorneys only, and attendees would be eligible to earn continuing legal education (CLE) credit in their respective states. It would be held on the afternoon of February 10, as part of the Thursday training ...

Un Marconi Party da raccontare

ARI Nazionale -

Il 16 gennaio 2021 si è svolta la terza edizione mondiale del MARCONI CLUB QSO PARTY DAY.

L'obiettivo, come per le due edizioni precedenti, oltre a riunire in radio il maggior numero di iscritti al club, era anche quello di far conoscere alle nuove leve questa stupenda arte della telegrafia.

E' stato un successo, con molte stazioni in aria, tanti Italiani, stranieri e tanti log arrivati.

Abbiamo ricevuto la bellezza di 88 log, quasi il doppio dello scorso anno!

The K7RA Solar Update


Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Our sun seems to have fallen back into a very quiet phase, far different from the way it looked in November 2020. That was 6 months ago, and we assumed that since we were emerging from a solar minimum, by now we would be seeing much more solar activity. It hasn’t happened. More recently, sunspots disappeared after May 1, and solar flux naturally declined as wel...

IEEE Committee Webinar “RF Exposure in the Time of Conspiracies” Set for May 12


The IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) has issued an invitation to its webinar, “RF Exposure in the Time of Conspiracies.” The 1-hour event is set to get under way at 1800 UTC on Wednesday, May 12. COMAR is a group of experts on health and safety issues related to electromagnetic fields, from power line through microwave frequency ranges. Its primary focus is on biological effects of n...

First-Time Exam Applicants Must Obtain FCC Registration Number before Taking Exam


Beginning May 20, 2021, all amateur examination applicants will be required to provide an FCC Registration Number (FRN) to the Volunteer Examiners (VEs) before taking an amateur exam. This is necessary due to changes the FCC has made to its licensing system.

Amateur candidates who already have an FCC license, whether for amateur radio or in another service, already have an FRN and can use the sa...

Spring Radio Club of America QSO Party is Saturday, May 8


The semiannual Radio Club of America (RCA) QSO Party takes place on May 8. “Band conditions are still not their best but we still expect plenty of QSOs,” RCA Executive Vice President Chip Cohen, W1YW, said. “Come join the fun and contact other club hams and the club’s station, W2RCA. All are welcome.” The QSO party is open to RCA members and non-members and is SSB only. Activity begins at 1800 ...

55° Alessandro Volta RTTY DX Contest

ARI Nazionale -

Il “SSB and RTTY Club di COMO e l’A.R.I. – Sezione di Como, sono lieti di annunciare il 55° "Alessandro VOLTA RTTY DX CONTEST". Questo contest è organizzato per incentivare l’interesse verso la RTTY ed onorare lo scopritore dell’elettricità, ALESSANDRO VOLTA.

Data e orario: Il contest si svolge sempre il secondo week-end completo del mese di Maggio dalle 12:00 UTC di sabato alle 12:00 UTC di domenica. Per il 2021 si terrà il 8 – 9 Maggio

Bande e modo: E’ previsto l’uso dei 10,15, 20, 40 e 80 metri rispettando il Band Plan IARU. – Solo RTTY.

Regolamento completo in PDF cliccando QUI


Very High Speed Club Special Event is Active During May


Special event call sign OZ60VHSC will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Very High Speed Club (VHSC) on May 1, 1961. Leading the group at its founding were PA0LXL, DL1XA, and DJ4KW, who sought operators who could copy at 40 WPM solid for at least 30 minutes, encouraging CW traffic in general and QRQ (high-speed) traffic in particular. Members sponsor new membership candidat...


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